Complete Oral care with specialization in dental treatments such as Root Canal Treatment, Implants and Dentures.

Root Canal TreatmentRoot Canal Treatment

Damaged pulp of the tooth removed painlessly under local anaesthesia. Root canal cleaned and filled permanently

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Dental ImplantsDental Implants

Complete Oral Rehabilitation with Dental Implants

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Problematic tooth or Wisdom tooth extracted painlessly under local anaesthesia

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Aligners / OrthodonticsAligners / Orthodontics

Correction of misaligned or crooked teeth using braces ( Clip Treatment).

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Smile DesigningSmile Designing

Teeth whitening, Dental veneers, Composite bonding, and Tooth jewellery

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Gum SurgeriesGum Surgeries

Gum Surgeries - Flap surgery and Crown lengthening

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Crowns and BridgesCrowns and Bridges

Crowns, Bridges, Fixed dentures and Complete dentures.

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Paediatric DentistryPaediatric Dentistry

Fluoride application, Tooth sealant, Early correction of crooked teeth, Space maintainers for missing teeth, Habit breaking appliances, Tooth coloured fillings and Pulp therapy for deeply decayed teeth.

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